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Consequent upon the devolution of functions under the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the Sindh Government legislated the Sindh Workers Welfare Fund Act, 2014 (Sindh Act No. XXXIII of 2015) (hereinafter referred as 2014-Act) and Sindh Companies Profits (Workers’ Participation) Act, 2015(Sindh Act No.XVIII of 2016)(hereinafter referred as 2015-Act) which repeals the provisions of Workers Welfare Ordinance, 1971, in terms of section 20 of the said 2014-Act and Companies Profits(Workers Participation) Act,1968 in terms of section 4(12) of the said 2015-Act in its application to the province of Sindh. The said 2014-Act and 2015- Act has taken effect in terms of Article 270AA (6) & 270AA (7) of the Constitution.

02. The industrial establishments/undertakings, as defined in section 2(g) of the said 2014-Act, and in Scheme of the said 2015-Act, as are located in Sindh, are required to pay Sindh Workers Welfare Fund (SWWF) & Sindh Workers Participation Fund (SWPF) amounts in Government of Sindh's exchequer in terms of section 5(1) of the said 2014-Act and in terms of section 3 and clause(d) of the paragraph to the schedule of the Scheme of the said 2015-Act.

03. Through the Sindh Companies Profits (Worker’s Participation) (Amendment) Act,2017 (Sindh Act No.XXIII of 2017), the provisions of clause (d) of paragraph 4 of the schedule to the Sindh Companies Profits (Workers’ Participation)Act, 2015, have been amended with effect from July 01, 2011.Copy of the said Acts are available at SRB website .(Copy attached as PDF file)

04. It is , therefore, advised to communicate all the members/companies in your association/trade/bodies to make compliance to the aforementioned Acts, and pay the outstanding liability of the subject Funds without any further delay.

05. If you have any suggestions or query regarding the subject matter, please feel free to contact at the numbers mentioned below or visit the undersigned office at your convenience. Do not forget to respond this email at your earliest possible time.

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