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Ziqaad 1, 1437 A.H.
AUGUST 05, 2016

KCCI slams misleading reports about Election 2016-17
Election Commission proceeded transparently; All 15 BMG Candidates elected unopposed

KARACHI: The spokesman of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), while referring to some misleading and baseless reports in different sections of the press and also circulating in social media, stated that some unscrupulous elements, who are involved in illegal activities, were trying to create a false impression about KCCI’s election by giving misleading statements pertaining to rejection of 34 nomination papers by Election Commission. KCCI spokesman categorically stated that the claims pertaining to cancellation of KCCI election schedule and re-election under the directives of Directorate General of Trade Organizations being made by these elements are totally baseless and untrue.

In a statement issued, the spokesman, while highlighting the actual situation and ground realities, informed that a total of 61 nominations were received by the Election Commission, of which 45 candidates belonged to Businessmen Group and the rest of 16 were independent candidates. After detailed scrutiny of the nomination papers, it was found that the nomination papers submitted by 16 candidates contained several discrepancies and mistakes, as well as 2 candidates withdrew resulting in their disqualification from participating in the election whereas nomination papers of 30 BMG candidates were either rejected by the Election Commission or withdrawn as they were covering candidates, therefore, the remaining 15 candidates were unofficially declared successful by the Election Commission. KCCI spokesman further said that in reaction to Election Commission’s decision, only two candidates approached DGTO, hence a letter was issued in which KCCI has only been advised to make minor changes in the Election Schedule and resubmit the revised schedule within three days. The Karachi Chamber is currently preparing its response to DGTO’s letter which is being drafted in light of the legal opinion. “A false impression is being created that KCCI is supporting any particular group which we completely reject as the aforementioned figures are self-explanatory and clearly indicate the transparency carried out during the entire process”, he added.

Meanwhile, Siraj Kassam Teli, Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) and former President KCCI, on the occasion, expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah and conveyed thanks and compliments to the Business and Industrial community of Karachi for reposing confidence and trust on the Businessmen Group. He said that BMG has been winning KCCI’s elections unopposed since last 9 consecutive years but all of a sudden some nomination papers were filed by those elements who just wanted to blackmail the management of Karachi Chamber as they are illegal occupants for the last 35 years of the offices situated at KCCI premises. Cases against these illegal occupants have been initiated this year and are currently underway in the honorable courts which motivated them to hatch a conspiracy by taking part in the election with only intention to blackmail management of the Karachi Chamber so that they could continue to illegally run their offices within KCCI premises which are the property of Karachi Chamber, Siraj Teli said, adding that these illegal occupiers are spreading false rumors and trying to gain sympathies and misguiding members to help them in their illegal vested interest. By the grace of Almighty Allah all these conspiracies against Karachi Chamber were automatically spoiled as all such candidates made glaring mistakes themselves in the nomination papers, leading to their disqualification otherwise the Businessmen Group was ready for the elections as always. Karachi Chamber and Businessmen Group will defend the decisions at all forums, he added. He said that out of a total membership base of more than 22,000 members nobody wanted to contest in KCCI’s election against BMG due to their services and not even filed any nomination in the last 9 years. Siraj Teli further said, “By the grace of Almighty Allah, BMG has been winning all the elections without losing a single seat for the last 19 years and during the said period, this is the tenth consecutive term when all our candidates have been elected unopposed in KCCI.” He said that 19 years of success in a row is an acknowledgement of the public service by the Businessmen Group which also testifies that overwhelming majority of Business and Industrial Community endorses the policies of BMG because they understand and believe that BMGians are serving them selflessly for their betterment. Appreciating the overwhelming support to Businessmen Group by overwhelming majority of business and industrial community, Siraj Teli said, “We have learnt that these illegal occupants approached many businessmen and industrialists to seek their support to achieve their objective to blackmail KCCI but they didn’t succeed as the business and industrial community of Karachi fully supports BMG. He particularly welcomed the farsightedness and vision of business community and its leaders who immediately distanced them from these elements as they knew that they are not genuine representatives of the business and industrial community.  BMG Chairman hoped that the new BMG’s elected representatives will make all out efforts in espousing the cause of business and industrial community and to further enhance the status of public service which is the motto of BMG.

The successful BMGians include names of M. Younus Sommro, Asif Nisar, Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Mohammad Saqib, Ali Raza Sheikh, M. Rehan Hanif, Sohail Amin, Maj. (R) Munir Ahmed, Ahmed AzeemAlavi, Mohammad Hanif Ayoob, Danish Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Naqvi, Mansoor Ahmed, Safdar Ali and Shamsul Islam Khan. The election of KCCI’s Office Bearers for 2015-16 is scheduled to be held on Monday, the 26th September 2016.