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Safar 17, 1442 A.H.
October 05, 2020

Shariq Vohra responds to anti-state audio clip, dissociates KCCI from false claims
- FIA urged to take strictest action against person attempting to trigger hatred

KARACHI: President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) M. Shariq Vohra has expressed deep concerns over an audio clip circulating in the social media in which an attempt has been made by a particular individual with an only intention to sabotage the reputation of business & industrial community Karachi and trigger rift between institutions and politicians.While totally rejecting the claims, Shariq Vohra dissociated the Karachi Chamber from all the fabricated claims in the audio clip by an individual and termed it a ‘conspiracy’ against our beloved country as not a single member of the entire business & industrial community has never ever attended any such brunch on first Sundays of every month which has been falsely claimed. “It is also a matter of grave concern that some unscrupulous elements are trying to link the said audio clip with Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli and Karachi Chamber which is not factual at all as the individual can clearly be heard introducing himself as a Charted Accountant and neither his accent nor his voice resembles”, he added.

Shariq Vohra questioned that how is it possible that Karachi Chamber, being the largest Chamber of country, and all the leading industrialists of the city, who are closely associated with KCCI, remain totally unaware of such a huge gathering of around 350 big industrialists at Sunday’s brunch.“The individual behind the audio clip never disclosed his name but only introduced himself as a Chartered Accountant and falsely claimed that the many big industrialists have unanimously agreed at the brunch that if situation goes on like this, they will have no other option but to shut down their businesses in Pakistan and move somewhere else which is a totally deceitful statement. “Upon investigation, we succeeded in obtaining the individual’s mobile number and also his name i.e. Mr. Shahid. We are also trying to find out what his intention are and why he circulated such an irresponsible statement and under whose dictates”, he added. “KCCI and the entire business & industrial community of Karachi completely reject all the claims in the anti-state audio clip and we all stand united to foil all such conspiracies as the elements behind such plots are trying to trigger hatred and chaos which will not be acceptable”, Shariq Vohra said, “If the said individual was really honest and truthful, he should have disclosed his name and where the so-called Sunday Brunch was held and who exactly attended it?”

President KCCI urged the Law Enforcing Agencies particularly the Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to initiate inquiry and take strictest action against the person responsible for spreading false and totally misleading message which is unacceptable as it gives a wrong impression about the business community of Karachi. “Any statement being posted in social media must begin with a proper introduction of the person giving the statement while all other anonymous statements in the social media must be immediately intercepted and blocked by FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing in order to save the society from anxiety and unease”, he added.