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Power sector arrears in three years: Ministry says Rs 348 billion accumulated

Water and Power Ministry, in its presentation to the Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC), has acknowledged that PKR 348Bn have been accumulated in the head of power sector arrears during the last three years.

200MW wind energy projects under CPEC to be completed this year

Three wind power projects under CPEC with installed capacity of 200MWs would start their commercial operation by mid of 2017. In this regard, 50MW HydroChina Dawood wind power project is expected to be completed by Mar.’17 whereas UEP wind power project with installed capacity of 99MWs is likely to be completed by Sept.’17.

Duty on onyx slows value added export

High import valuation of duty on onyx from Afghanistan dragged down export of value added onyx products by 26% to $ 24.25Mn in July-Jan 2017. Valuation of importing onyx to $250 per metric tonne from $55 per metric tonne, a more than 200% increase has irked exporters and importers.




























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