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6. To analyze changing technological trends and operational business environment, and highlight the need for up gradation of existing infrastructure in order to surge ahead in the global competitive markets. 7. Perception building of Karachi and Pakistan by highlighting the positive aspects, promoting their soft image and diminishing the prevalent negative perceptions. Research & Development Cell – an unrelenting quest for research portfolio enrichment The Research & Development Cell provides various products and services to its members, namely daily E-Bulletin, monthly Country Wrap,  monthly Economic Data on Pakistan’s major trade partners, regular contribution to KCCI’s monthly flagship Economic Horizon magazine,  previews and reviews on budgets, and numerous far-reaching write-ups and data on economy of Pakistan and other countries, currencies  and commodities.  A brief description of the main products and services are listed below: KCCI E-Bulletin  The daily product of KCCI E-Bulletin is based on news flow covering daily news of the domestic and global economy. In addition, this daily  bulletin covers latest updates on commodity and currency prices, economic indicators, graphical presentation of data and motivational  quotes. Contribution to Economic Horizon magazine  The contribution in Economic Horizon magazine is another important part of the Research & Development Cell working. The department  provides quality articles and selected quantitative information for the magazine which cover a vast range of important topics. Analysis of  issues affecting the ongoing economic activities of the country with implications on the trade and industrial sectors of the economy is also  included. Country Wraps  The Research & Development Cell prepares a report titled as KCCI Country Wrap on the countries of importance with respect to trade with Pakistan. The report covers a brief overview of the specific country and its trade relations with Pakistan. It includes snapshot of the  economic and trade data of the country and in connection with Pakistan. The purpose is to apprise the members on the potential to  expand trade with different countries.  Infonalysis – a topic based research product Recently, Research & Development Cell has introduced a new product under the name of “Infonalysis” which incorporates research on  specific topics in a presentable detailed report form. The product aims to apprise our readers with in-depth knowledge of various domains  like economy, sectors (manufacturing, SMEs), industries (leather, textile etc.) and commodities (energy, sugar etc.).  Publication – “Energy Scenario in Pakistan”  A book “Energy Scenario in Pakistan” initiated by the R&D Sub-committee is going to be published in due course of time. The book  contains valuable data, information and analysis on the energy sector in the country, and would be of immense value to the members. It is  yet another contribution of KCCI to the business community and all stakeholders.   All of the reports have received much appreciation from the members of KCCI as their quality and timing provided much value addition to  the business community. The support of the members thus received would go a long way towards improving the efficiency and quality of  work of the Research & Development Cell. 
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