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1- Certificate of Origin issue by KCCI 2- Commercial Invoice 3- Packing List 4- Price List 5- Weight List 6- Bill of Lading 7- Airway Bill 8- Form A (GSP) 9- USA Custom Invoice 10- Canadian Custom Invoice 11- Newzealand Custom Invoice 12- Maxico Custom Invoice 13- Argentina Custom Invoice 14- Form ‘C’ West Africa 15- Form ‘E’ 120 Sale for UK 16- Ender User Certificate 17- Sale Contract 18- Agreement 19- Power Of Attorney 20- Survey Reports 21- Photo Certificate 22- Certificate of Origin for Peru 23- Ex-Mice Certificate 24- RDA Cell Registration form Govt. of Pak   
25- Animal Health Certificate 26- Fresh Halal Chilled Mutton Certificate 27- NTN Certificate 28- Certificate of accreditation Int. Air Transport Asso. 29- Agency Certification 30- Free Sale Certificate 31- Sindh Employees Social Certificate 32- KCCI Membership Certificate 33- Umrah Contact 34- Certificate of incorporation 35- Partnership Deed 36- Audit Report 37- Bank Certificate 38- GST Certificate 39- Certificate of Origin issue by different Cities (LCCI,RCCI,QCCI, GCCI) 40- Authorization Certificates 41- Examination Report From PCSIR 42- Quality Certificate 43- Analysis Certificate 44- Resolution Certificate
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