Provincial and Local Taxes Sub-Committee 2022-23

  • The Provincial & Local Taxes Sub-Committee of KCCI works to resolve issues of the business community related to provincial and local taxes.
  • The Sub-Committee identifies and examines irritants of both, policy and procedural natures, having adverse bearing on trade and industry and makes appropriate recommendations for representations to the concerned quarters.
  • The Sub-committee maintains close liaison with Government Departments to resolve day-to-day problems received by the Chamber from its Members, through telephonic conversation, personal meetings and written representations.
  • Throughout the year, meetings of Provincial/Local Taxes Sub-Committee are held to focus at length on the implication of various local and provincial tax provisions.
  • The Sub-Committee has a regular practice of inviting government functionaries relevant to Provincial and Local Taxation with the aim of discussing the key prevalent issues and working towards their resolution.
  • It generates novel ideas for tax related problems resolution through brainstorming sessions and shares such ideas with the governmental stakeholders for focused implementation.
  • The Sub-Committee pro-actively keeps a watch out for changes in trade and tax regulations and closely monitors the impact of such amendments on the business community.
# Name Designation (Sub-Committee) Company Represented
1 Mr. Tariq Ikram Khan Chairman Pacific Distributors
2 Mr. Faiz Ahmed Advisor Tanveer Ahmed & Associates
3 Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Advisor J.M.B. Exporters
4 Mr. Shehzada Nasir Maqbool Advisor Maqbool Autos
5 Mr. Shaukat Hussain Advisor Allied International
6 Mr. Akhtar Jameel Rehmani Advisor Jameel International
7 Mr. Rasheeduddin Rashid Advisor Rashid Impex
8 Mr. Mahmood Hamid Advisor All Pakistan Small Traders & Cottage Industry
9 Mr. Muhammad Saeed Qureshi Advisor Hanifia Picnic Varieties
10 Mr. Aziz Allahwala Vice Chairman Alia International
11 Mr. Zahid Amin Vice Chairman Golden Oil Center
12 Mr. Atiq Shafiq Vice Chairman