Women Entrepreneurs Sub-Committee 2023-24

Women have high entrepreneurial talent and play an important role in building the backbone of a nation's economy. KCCI took the initiative to form a Women Entrepreneurs subcommittee in 2004-2005 to boost the confidence of women entrepreneurs by providing them with the opportunity to interact, at equal level, with their business counterparts as well as government functionaries. Following are main activities performed by the subcommittee:

  • Facilitates Women Entrepreneurs by providing them professional assistance, trainings and relevant information for the adoption of professional approach in their businesses.
  • Creates awareness among the women entrepreneurs regarding the incentives and benefits being offered by the Financial Institutions, Banks and Government institutions.
  • Promotes women entrepreneurship through research, collection of information, exchange of good practices and business exposure etc.
  • Organizes and facilitates meetings, workshops & seminars to enhance capabilities and business expertise of women entrepreneurs.
  • Researches markets to identify opportunities for participation of women entrepreneurs in local and International Exhibitions/ Seminars. Manages participation of women entrepreneurs in local and foreign exhibitions on most favorable negotiated concessional packages.
  • Plans, organizes and facilitates trade delegations of women entrepreneurs to foreign countries to explore the international business opportunities.
  • Communicates & coordinates with the relevant governmental departments to facilitate their business activities.